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The Documentation Center Impact of the German Occupation on Crete

was financed by the Federal Foreign Office

from the German-Greek Future Fund.

ongoing projects:


a constantly growing collection of books and documents

on the German occupation of Crete 1941 - 1944

an open wound

Hania, Crete and the Impact of WW II



multidimensional interactive installation

Konstantin Fischer, 2017,

in cooperation with the DOCUMENTATION CENTER IMPACT OF THE GERMAN OCCUPATION ON CRETE and Young Citizens of the World



With the interactive project “an open wound”, the visual artist Konstantin Fischer takes his project “I wish I knew more...” to the next level: he opens his introspective work up by creating a forum for dialogue on the subject of the German occupation of Crete during World War II and its lasting impact on the conditions of life in Europe today.


In youth workshops run by the association Young Citizens of the World (Νέοι Πολίτες του Κόσμου) at “vivliomania” Hania International Youth Library, young people from Greek, German or Austrian backgrounds unearth and research events from an uneasy past. By documenting these events in their own personal ways, each of the workshop participants leaves their individual mark, visual at the library, in an postcard project and online.