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The Documentation Center Impact of the German Occupation on Crete

was financed by the Federal Foreign Office

from the German-Greek Future Fund.

ongoing projects:


a constantly growing collection of books and documents

on the German occupation of Crete 1941 - 1944


Maria Despotaki

Μαρία Δεσποτάκη

(4) The Archaeological Museum of Hania in Halidon Street is housed in the former Venetian Monastery of Saint Francis which later became the Yusuf Pasha mosque. The museum exhibits collections of a wide array of artifacts dating from Neolithic, Minoan, Classical and Roman times recovered from numerous excavations in west Crete. The Byzantine and post-Byzantine collection is housed at a separate museum on Theotokopoulou Street. According to official Greek postwar records, the Archaeological Museum of Hania lost a third of its collection during the German occupation and almost all its valuable objects were removed; their whereabouts remain unknown.



(4) Archaeological Museum of Hania

Copies of archaeological findings from Creta as you can purchase them from many souvenir shops on the island as well as from the certified museum shops attached to most of the archeological museums all over the country